lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Put the WWD T-shirt On... Make Your Voice Heard!

"... Water is a basic requirement for all life, yet water resources are facing increasing demands from, and competition among, users. In 1992, the UN General Assembly designated 22 March of each year as the World Day for Water.::"

Around the world every year Schools and Organizations join this Campaign for freshwater to make people aware of the importance of Water as a Precious Resource for Life and what can be done for sustainable managment of freshwater resources.

The WWD Campaign for this year deals with Water and Food Security- making a close relation of both of them. We need freshwater to drink; to grow and prepare our food.

"...There are 7 billion people to feed on the planet today and another 2 billion are expected to join by 2050. Statistics say that each of us drinks from 2 to 4 litres of water every day, however most of the water we ‘drink’ is embedded in the food we eat: producing 1 kilo of beef for example consumes 15,000 litres of water while 1 kilo of wheat ’drinks up’ 1,500 litres..."


Let's encourage our students to be real Agents of Change... What are Knowledge, skills and values learnt for if they are not used to promote Action -  locally and globally? We are preparing our students for Life! Being aware of the world around them and how they can influence it in a positive way by Making their Voice Heard and solving problems in their communities. Every action counts!!!

There is much what we CAN do - having either  lots of/few resources - Something that is worth doing!

Our Water Initiative in 2008
As a sample, I would like to share with you some pictures from our Scientific & Artistic Interscholastic Fair and our podcast for a German school radio broadcast from our former WWD Campaign (2008)... Children and teenagers from around the globe made their voice heard and took action by researching, learning, drawing, writing, editing, recording messages, sharing, etc.

Private School students showing Water situation in Machala

Preparing the message - WWD 2008

Francisco describing his drawing to UNICEF Ecuador Representative

Interscholastic Fair in Machala due to WWD 2008

Max and Walter recording

Carlos explaining the Cycle of Water

'Put the WWD T-shirt On... Make Your Voice Heard!'

Ways to take part while learning
 You can...
  • Organize an Art Exhibition, a poetry or drawing contest after introducing the topic and encouraging participation. You can find lots of information on the sites above. It can be done as a class work/project and then be shared with the whole school. Kids can describe their pictures and ideas - depending on their English level. Take as many pictures as possible or record your students' speaking activity /& show slides/video via animoto, smilebox, fotobabble, voicethread,  or any other tools you might be using. If you need help on how to use the tools above, visit Teacher Training Videos - TTV by Russell Stannard. The point is to make your event known on an interesting way. (Please make sure you have parental permission to publish pictures or video of your students on the web) Just in case you have students on higher English levels and time to do some research  on Water situation in the town they live in, Science Across the World will be useful for them... Then they could share their findings and/ give tips on how to save water at home by recording a message, for instance...
Suggested topics
  • The Cycle of Water
  • Water for life
  • Water and Food
  • Freshwater/ tap water in my town or city... country or continent
  • Ways to save water at home, at school...
  • How organizations work to spread WWD Campaign

These are just some ideas... Feel free to add yours and collaborate to have a better world! We will share our events worldwide and make our voice heard!!!

If you are interested to participate, please email me so that we can handle things better.

DEADLINE: February 29th... Share your Action till March 22nd :)

PLN  in Action for WWD... Join us!!!

Try our slideshow creator at Animoto.



Collaboration at its best


It is amazing to see what can be done when enthusiastic teachers and students get involved in meaningful projects. Thanks for sharing, dear Svetlana!

'The students of Smolenskaya school №1, Altai krai, Russia, had a conference devoted to the problems of fresh water in the world and in Altai.The conference took place on February,13. Students of 4-11 grades discussed the problems of water in the world and in our region,described the main water bodies of Altai,learned the rules of saving the water at home and at school. Younger students drew pictures and posters, asking to protect the water.'


Taken from Svetlana Rovenskikh's blog


Yaku, Parque Museo del Agua  is located in Quito, Ecuador's capital. It is a special park, a  Museum for Water.  Lots of people - children and teenagers from different schools of the city -  visit it and get involved in many educational activities to raise people's awareness of the importance of Water. It belongs to  Museos Foundation which promotes cultural and educational issues for citizens in Quito.

'Agua con Q' - Semana del Agua 2012  or 'Q for Water' is a very interesting initiative that will take place in March. It is a whole week full of activities  such as a Fair, called Alquimia en el Hogar in which different institutions will show the comunity ways to have a responsible behaviour regarding water at home.
They will also organize a Photogragh Exposition to focus on the natural beauty of our water resources as well as people's  involvement in protecting fresh water for life.
H2Q - Gente por el Agua/People for Water, focusing on Guayllabamba, an important water source.

They have also created a Constitution for Water which states 'Water is essential for life. It is a right we can not give up'

I would like to thank Mr. Stephen Bruque, communicator of Yaku, Parque Museo del Agua, for being very kind and share this information and pictures with us. Keep the good work up!

css sfondo
A Constitution for Water

UNESCO Quito - Ecuador

'La Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Educación, la Ciencia y la Cultura (UNESCO), la Secretaría Nacional del Agua, el Programa Gobernabilidad del Sector Agua y Saneamiento en el Ecuador y la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación (FAO), convocan al concurso de pintura “Yo amo el agua”, dirigido a estudiantes de escuelas y colegios del Ecuador, en el marco de la Celebración del Día mundial del Agua 2012.'

Some important organizations and institutions have organised a very meaningful drawing contest called 'Yo amo el agua/ I love water'. Many children and teenagers (fourth grade up to ninth) will have the great opportunity to make their voice heard by sharing their messages through their drawings. The winners' drawings will be shown on March 22nd - WWD! Good luck to them all and congratulations for this initiative!

jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

The Countdown is On... The Power of PLN in 2012

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Every end of the year is to all of us, a time to reflect on what was or was not done during those 365 days, but more than that it is a time to thank for having a new opportunity to do our Life Purpose.

As Educators there is always something to add, change, improve,  share and more! Let's add some enthusiasm to what we do!... Let's change the world - every effort counts!... Let's improve our way of teaching by learning every day!... Let's share our experiences and work as a whole!... Let's give our students our very best, even though we do not have facilities... Let's lighten up the Education path and let's make a better world together! 

As flowers need water,  students need their teachers to find their Life Purpose.

As hardworking ants need each other, teachers are not isolated. There is a big community around the world working hard, accepting challenges, getting amazing results, doing better, learning from and with each other, looking at the same horizon...

I have invited  some of those inspiring educators to share their expectations, wishes or resolutions for the New Year as a way to motivate each other and promote Unity and Collaboration - the power of PLN in 2012!

Vicky Loras

"My name is Vicky Loras and I have been teaching English as a Foreign Language to students of all ages for almost 12 years. I owned a language school with my two sisters in Greece for 10 years (now I live in Switzerland) and I would love to do that again some day!

 I would like to wish all the educators out there all the best for 2012: health, happiness and enthusiasm for their work! If you are not on social media, please join and it will transform your life and teaching : ) You will connect with great educators around the world and learn from and with them."

Vicky Loras English Teacher BA in English Language and LiteratureBlog: http://vickyloras.wordpress.comTwitter: @vickyloras

Brad Patterson

"After teaching for five years, the past two years have been in limbo as I've moved to Europe, struggled with limited visas and new but different professional opportunities.  The 4th day of 2012 I'll return to the classroom for the first time in too long and I'm so excited.  I've learned so much online with my PLN in 2011 and I know it'll truly enrich the classroom both for my students and myself.  Come follow my journey on my blog and please feel free to comment so we can connect and I can see what you're up to as well.  Best, Brad"

Shelly Terrell

"From 2009 to 2011, I decided to say Yes! to any opportunities that arose to travel and meet teachers worldwide, especially those in my PLN.  Since then I have had the most incredible experiences visiting 20 countries and seeing education systems worldwide and being blown away by the incredible teachers who are passionate about helping their students love to learn. I have also been so amazed by the dedication of over 7000 educators worldwide participating in The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators and making it so vibrant and inspiring each year. In 2012, I am excited to see where The 30 Goals Challenge will take us. I invite any educator to participate :-) And I hope you will be inspired, enriched, supported, and passion-filled for the year ahead. If I can in anyway help with that please feel free to let me know."

Vijay Krishnan

"My name is Vijay Krishnan, an Indian living in Bucharest, Romania. I am a Math Home Tutor here besides being a part time Math cum ICT consultant for a Jewish school.

I love what I am doing, I.e. teaching and learning from my peers and students all the time. I truly believe that there is no end to learning in our lifetime. My resolution would be to teach more and more students with all the possible knowledge I possess and of course then learn and share them my fellow educators.

My primary wish is however World Peace and I wonder how can we achieve that? My doubts are almost put to rest when I see lovely people like yourself, Vicky, Chiew, Cherry, Brad, Arjana, Shelly, Cherryl, Ann, Michael Griffin, Karen, Lisa, Lucy and many more from almost the entire globe TWEET away to glory about education, peace and global happiness.


Svetlana Rovenskikh
"I am a teacher in the third generation in Russia: my grandmother used to work,  my mother works in a school where I used to study and now I am working. I have been a teacher for 13 years. It is a big village school (about 500 children attend it) with long traditions and many plans. I teach the kids aged 7 - 17 (grades 2 - 11) and it's  really a great experience to teach both young learners  and senior students as it gives a wonderful feeling of living all the childhood and youth in one day. I am happy to be a teacher as it's the profession as it's challenging, hard but  rewarding...
Dear Ana Luisa, one of the meaningful events of 2011 for me and my students has become our friendship with you and your wonderful students. We are happy to have good friends from Equador, to share our ideas, and learn our cultures better. Working together at the projects, writing letters, exchanging with the information about our countries, and discovering many wonderful things that have been hidden before our friendship allow me to say that it's the best way of giving knowledge to our students. It helps not only to learn new facts, but to feel the importance of friendship. Happy New Year!"

The Tree Planting Day
Svetlana's site:

Ilse Schwartz

 "I've been working as a journalist (among others) from 1985 until today. My nationality is German. My birth year is 1960. 

As a journalist and foreign correspondent, I often had the opportunity to explore much about the situation of children in various countries around the world. Therefore I know, that children who have the good fortune of teachers such as you, Ana in Ecuador, for example, or your ELT-OCEAN teacher friends, are very enviable!
I hope from the bottom of my heart in terms of 2012 (and the following years and decades) that crazy prejudices and strange resentments will disappear more and more from the minds and hearts of many people around the globe. (Resentments and prejudices that often just arise from confused fear of the unknown and misinterpreted.) So, one of the really sensible ways to achieve this goal is exactly that what you and your friends are doing as teachers of many different countries: To share your individual experiences and globally work as a whole.
Teachers are (among others) the companions, architects, and role models of tomorrow's generation in each country. In consideration of this, your work and attitude, Ana, and the work of your ELT teacher friends around the world, are exemplary and not high enough to appreciate! Therefore, please accept my deepest appreciation and heartfelt thanks to you and all the teachers on your ELT-OCEAN blog!"

Youssouf Tangara

"Dear Ana,

Thanks for your heartfelt wishes. I wish you and your family as well as the ones you love a Happy New Year. May all of you be blessed and protected by the almighty God.

Thanks for sending your site address. I will sure connect and discuss with other blog members. Thanks

Youssouf Tangara
English teacher and Adult trainer
Burkina Faso, West Africa"

Kate Cory-Wright

"Hi everyone! Hi, my name is Kate Cory-Wright. I’m an international teacher trainer and ELT author – a truly wonderful combination of work! I especially love teacher training in different countries and sharing with teachers around the world. Teachers inspire me and help me to write better course books, so thank you! Over the past 20 years I’ve trained in 22 countries, from Latin America to Asia, to the US and the Middle East. The fascinating thing for me is how similar teachers are across the world. The challenges they face – and their desire to do their best for their students - are remarkably similar, whether they are from Yemen, China, or the US – so let’s work together. (If politicians can’t, let’s show them that teachers can!) Finally, as the year closes, here’s a thought for 2012.... Only YOU know what’s best for your students in your situation. No one else can tell you. So find out all you can about teaching. Observe, experiment, and reflect on each new trend with your own situation in mind. But feel free to adapt ideas or even to abandon them! Provided you can justify what you do and why - and it works - then it’s ‘correct’! I wish you all a wonderful year ahead and lots of success and happiness in the classroom.  Best wishes, Kate"

Carla Arena

"I consider myself to be lucky. I chose to be an educator, and this is what feeds me constantly, the prospect of keeping learning. 2012 will be a year of continuity, of flow. We need to set ourselves to go with our intuition, passion and knowledge to keep inspiring the ones around us, mainly our dear students. 2012 will be the year of engagement through renewed connections and willingness to move beyond not alone, but with whatever tribe you belong to. 2012 will be the year of vibrancy and discovery in which every new attempt is valid and cherished.I´m sure 2012 will be an year of no wish lists and more vigor to act for change.
Have a wonderful 2012."

Beata Kladlubowska

"Hi Anna,
in this New year I wish that students will meet teachers with passion who will inspire them for the whole life. I hope my students won't loose their motivation and eagerness to learn. I wish that in 2012 everybody will take the challenge to change something for better.
I've been an English teacher in the industrious city in the south of Poland. I've been teaching students aged 13-16 in the Junior High School- a typical school with various types of students with different needs, abilities, expectations, wishes and worries.I've been working there for almost 10 years and teaching them English still gives me a lot of satisfaction. I wish I could say so in the next ten years.
Miss Noor

"2012 will be the year of blended learning!

' face-to-face facilitated learning, e-learning and self-study ' 
Everyone can have his own device "BYOD" in the classroom.Teachers will spend more time in learning new technologies ,designing online homeworks and assessing students projects and eportfolios.Some books may have QRcodes to be scanned by students for reading an activity, scavengerhunt, e-book or for playing an educational game.The classroom walls will be removed by allowing students to work inside and outside the school , in local and global projects , and more web2.0 will be used. More social media tools will be embraced and used as learning and a teaching tools for students and teachers."
          Follow her on Twitter: @missnoor28

Ana Cristina Pratas

Follow her on twitter: @AnaCristinaPrts &  Her blog:

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sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2011

My participation on What's Your Story? - Vicky Loras' great blog challenge

What’s Your Story?

Today is the second anniversary of Vicky’s blog, a great day to honour her dedication and love to what she does, to  what she is -  not only an inspiring Educator but also a fantastic human being - by sharing my turning points as an EFL teacher in Ecuador.

It has been a long learning and teaching path  since 1998, wonderful time in which  I have had the opportunity to teach  English to  Primary, Secondary and University students.

In 2002 I started to run one of the best projects ever in my career: The creation of an English Language Centre called British Alliance. Although it is relevant to say that at the beginning, it was very hard to involve people in Machala, since by that time, they gave little importance to English as a Foreign Language, even neither private or public schools or high schools included it as an important subject in their curriculum.
Nowadays things have changed for the better. There is more acceptance and understanding about the importance of English as an international language.

A real turning point as an educator was to have  involved my students in educational projects with other schools around the world. It has been a big open window that has  showed us things we had never imagined. Through those projects my students and I have learnt to see  English not only as a language but English as a bridge that connects us to the whole world.

Thanks to collaborative projects about Global issues, we have created a very positive atmosphere where learning is meaningful and fun, where Knowledge, skills and values meet up. Here we really found an endless source of learning and contributing to have a better world, despite of lack of resources – just one computer by that time and the normal fear to face new challenges.

In 2006 and 2007 my students became UNICEF Junior Ambassadors for taking part of the projects about AIDS and Climate Change. Children and teenagers from some countries shared their research work through a radio broadcast developed by some German students and their tutor.
In 2008 I involved my students in an awesome local project due to World Water Day called: Water, a Precious Resource for Life. It was a scientific and artistic interscholastic Fair – supported by UNICEF Ecuador - where students participated actively as agents of change to make their voice heard about the importance of taking care of water and their right to have safe drinking water in our city. This teaching path has being a fantastic every-day discovery and sharing!

Today while reading Vicky’s blog post about what  or who inspired her to start blogging, that reminded me that six months ago when I discovered the ELT world in twitter, that it was  Vicky’s blog – her natural enthusiasm – that  inspired me to  start blogging. For sure another turning point to my life experience. ¡Gracias Vicky!

Now I know how important is to make appropriate decisions about running new ideas but even more relevant and meaningful is to keep them up enthusiastically, anyway sometimes nevertheless.

Sharing makes learning an even more memorable experience!


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viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

My answer to In 5 Years I Will ...

Chuck Sandy, one of the founders  of iTDi - International Teacher Development Institute -  always creates some space for sharing in which teachers from around the world talk about topics related to learning, personal and professional development. It is really inspiring to be in touch with amazing teachers who are making a  difference in Education :)

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In 5 years I will be doing what I LOVE: Learning, Teaching, Spending time with my family and friends, travelling - but by that time I'll be visiting at least another country, admiring nature, taking pictures - really love it! ...collaborating with you all and more!!!
To see what other teachers are sharing, please visit: